Angela Melitopoulos


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Medium/DimensionsDVD, double projection, colour, sound, c. 130 min
CreditsCourtesy of the artist

CORRIDOR X offers a video record of a history of migration from the East to the West of Europe. Angela Melitopoulos, whose personal history has been shaped by this trajectory of directed mass migration, has delivered an audio-visual document where we can observe the transformation of human beings into human resources and the role of travel in this process.

This transition from ‘being’ to ‘resource’ – or, to put it bluntly, from subject to consumable – is vital for the flow of labour power towards the heartland of Europe as the geography of privilege where capitalism has been said ‘to work’. And so CORRIDOR X, the narrow, long, bottleneck enclosure where labour power is made to flow westwards, is as important in 2013 as it was in the 20th century. Connecting Turkey to Germany via Northern Greece and the countries of former Yugoslavia, CORRIDOR X invites reflection on the directionality of the flow of labour as determined by the recent project of European expansion. In the post-2008 crisis of European identity and economy, which is establishing ‘zones’ of cheap labour in selected parts of Europe, the story told by CORRIDOR X acquires new significance.

CORRIDOR X was produced through Timescapes, a collective video editing project based on South East Europe initiated in 2002 by Ursula Biemann, Angela Melitopoulos and Lisa Parks.  In the words of Melitopoulos, ‘CORRIDOR X focuses the interpretation of the Timescapes database on the historical and contemporary significance of the socialist road-building project Bratstvo i Jedinstvo (‘Highway of Brotherhood and Unity’) in Ex-Yugoslavia. CORRIDOR X describes the current situation of a territory, in which the conditions of mobility have fundamentally changed since 1991 and also determine the spatial thinking of a migrant community for which the Autoput, or the ‘Highway of Brotherhood and Unity’, was, until the outbreak of the Yugoslavian wars, a collective, transcultural space of memory and a collective experience of journey’.

Angela Melitopoulos, ‘Timescapes. The Logic of the Sentence’ (2007),

The Timescapes database was constituted with video footage produced by: VIDEA (Videocollective in Ankara), Hito Steyerl, Dragana Zarevac, Freddy Viannnelis and Angela Melitopoulos.