Pennanen & Querrec

Staande! Debout!

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CountryFinland & France
Medium/DimensionsHD Film
CreditsCourtesy of the artists
VenueGlasgow Film Festival

The communities of Glasgow know only too well the destruction that rapid deindustrialisation wreaks on lives and social bonds. Staande! Debout! imaginatively explores the aftermath of the forced obsolescence that capital has imposed on the skilled working class of Western Europe. Set in present-day Vilvoorde, a now abandoned industrial area in Flanders, Belgium, it follows the story of Felix, an ex-car factory worker who was caught up in a landmark event in labour history. On the 27th of February 1997, the closure of the Renault-Vilvoorde factory was suddenly announced. In response 4000 workers withdrew their labour and organised protests, paralysing Belgium for weeks. As solidarity spread across Europe, the foundations were laid for transnational action: strike became ‘Eurostrike’. But what remains after periods of declared solidarity and struggle?  Based on this real situation Staande! Debout! is a fictionalised account which follows Felix’s attempts to overcome forgetting and myth-making in order to make sense of the traumatic events.


The world premiere of Staande! Debout! is presented in collaboration with The Glasgow School of Art Friday Event programme and Glasgow Film Festival’s Crossing the Line strand. Please see the events pages for further details.