Expósito & Vila

Tactical Frivolity + Rhythms of Resistance

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CountryArgentina / Spain
CreditsCourtesy of the artis and HAMACA
VenueFilm Lounge

Nuria Vila, a journalist and activist, and Marcelo Expósito, an artist, collaborated in the making of a film that, in the words of its makers, ‘literally narrates the journey across Europe of “tactical frivolity” mode of protest, which turned into the “pink line”, one of the three main (front)lines in Prague, which successfully broke the police cordon made to protect the international congress centre’. The filmmakers refer to the Prague of 2000, when thousands of protesters flooded the historic city in opposition to the annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank. Paying particular attention to excessive femininity as an embodied protest condition, Vila and Expósito’s narrative also draws a connection between contemporary movements and the legacy of feminist revolt as witnessed in the suffragists.