Johan Grimonprez

On RADICAL ECOLOGY: A WeTube-o-theque

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Medium/Dimensionsonline archive & platform
CreditsCourtey of the artist
VenueCCA &

Deploying an archival aesthetic, On RADICAL ECOLOGY: A WeTube-o-theque shows the diversity of events marking the relationship between human beings and their environment within contemporary capitalism. The ‘events’ selected by Johan Grimonprez can occur anywhere in the world and can range from an unsettling symptom of climate change to direct action taken in order to feed a population, defying the enclosure of food sources by corporations.

What is striking is that, irrespective of the nature of an ‘event’, humans’ relationship to the environment must pass through some form or other of relationship to the economy: from an invention made by an eager entrepreneur in the US to a farmer in India using Coca-Cola as an affordable pesticide to airplanes spraying our skies with unknown substances, the general principle of ‘follow the money’ holds – unless of course it is subverted by the revolutionary aspiration of giving up money and a global capitalism that treats nature as a resource. This is, after all, what the social movement of radical ecology is about. Breaking from a reformist approach to what needs to be done, radical ecology argues that only a fundamentally different production system can resolve the environmental crisis.

At the time of writing, November 2012, On RADICAL ECOLOGY: A WeTube-o-theque is divided into five categories (more to be added as the archive will grow): Biotecture, Guerilla Gardening, Transition World, Radical Ecology, Off the Grid. Each of the five categories is divided into sections of special focus, such as Biopiracy or The Future of Money. Whichever way it expands, On RADICAL ECOLOGY: A WeTube-o-theque already invites reflection on the extraordinary range of radical thought and action when it comes to addressing the urgency of life matters.