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Every month a new contributor will be invited to write a short text related to the project themes.  You can add your own responses via the comments section or share the debates through facebook or twitter.


3. Something’s Wrong…

A minor art-world squall has blown up around Dave Hickey’s announcement that he has ‘retired’ from writing criticism, in disgust. Art is now too popular (‘I miss being an elitist and not having to talk to idiots’, Hickey says in a recent interview); art is made for a bunch of extremely rich folk, for whom […]

2. Nationalism, Economy and Exodus?

1.   Being Norwegian?   22 NOVEMBER 2012, and I’m reading an opinion column in The Herald by journalist and commentator Iain MacWhirter, who is on a visit to Oslo.  “Face reality” says the headline. “We could be as prosperous as Norway.”  And the column goes on to argue that given the many similarities between […]

1. Art, Economy, Catastrophe

It had always been known that capitalism was a game of winners and losers, but the Empire of Europe was nonetheless shocked to find itself on the losing side. As the luxury hovercraft Europa began to sink, its impeccably dressed captains seemed to do all they could to keep her afloat. The momentum projecting her […]