Art & Economics Quarterly Forum


Bill Drummond joins Tanja Ostojić and Dmytri Kleiner from the Berlin-based collective Art & Economics to present a talk about their work and auction a special edition of art bonds.

The Art & Economics Quarterly Forum is a performative event incorporating rituals relating to art and political economy.  Established in Berlin in 2007 by Tanja Ostojić, David Rych and Dmytri Kleiner, The Art & Economics Group were regularly hosted by Project Room 35 and Wooloo Productions Berlin.  Following a break due to the economic recession, Quaterly Forums have since moved to other venues including the Museum of American Art Berlin.  Previous guests have included former artist Goran Djordjevic, Fran Ilich / Diego de La Wega, Alex Nikolic from Slum TV and Diego Castro.

The evening’s programme will include a quarterly report and artists’ presentations, followed by the auction of a special edition of art bonds designed by Bill Drummond. Discussion topics will range from the political economy as a theme in art to the economics of art production and economic activity as a performative art practice.

Bill Drummond works with actions, music and the written word. His actions are too numerous to list. His musical projects range from the pop groups Big in Japan and The KLF to the choral music of The17.  The words have accumulated into a pile of books.  See to find out more.


Generously supported by the Goethe Institut Glasgow