Sex, Desire and Economic Subjects


Led by Vicky Horne (University of Edinburgh), the reading group provides a friendly environment for guided study of groundbreaking texts addressing the multiple connections between economic relations and sex. In particular, the readings have been chosen to address the historically-evolving challenges specific to ‘women’s work’, and what has been termed ‘feminisation’ of labour (for all sexes) in the twenty-first century. We will also be showing a slideshow of artworks to stimulate discussion.

All welcome but early booking is essential. To book a place and find out about the texts, please contact


Key Readings

Kathi Weeks, ‘Hours for What We Will: Work, Family, and the Movement for Shorter Hours’, Feminist Studies 35 (2009), 101-127

Silvia Federici, ‘Wages Against Housework’ (1974)

Silvia Federici, ‘Precarious Labour: A Feminist Viewpoint’, Variant 37 (2010), 23-26


Further Suggestions

Hester Eisenstein, Feminism Seduced, Paradigm (2009)

Historical Materialism 2012 (plenary videos of Federici & Weeks):

Nina Power, One Dimensional Woman, Zero Books (2009)

Angela Dimitrakaki, ‘Labour, Ethics, Sex and Capital: On the Biopolitical Production in Contemporary Art’, n.paradoxa 28 (2011), 5-15

Maria Ruido, ‘Just Do It! Bodies and Images of Women in the New Division of Labor’, (online)

Anwyn Crawford, ‘Permanent daylight: Women, body image and capitalism’, Overland  200 (2012)