Public Forum

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What does economy mean to you?

Zone 2 is a public forum which gives you an opportunity to contribute to the ECONOMY dialogues. The Image Archive is a collectively produced and open-access visual diary about how economic relations shape contemporary experience. Overtime it will grow into a valuable record of the contextualised meanings of economy in the early 21st century. Whether documenting everyday working conditions, student protests against the privatisation of education in Montreal or the impact of resource-related conflict in Cambodia, this section of the website acknowledges the unprecedented in scope terrain of a visual culture as a response to the economy’s transformation. We invite you to record your own struggles.


The section Art World/Real World/Possible World provides space for more focused written debate.  Each month an invited author kickstarts the discussions with a short essay on a particular topic.  As visitors to the website, you can submit your own comments as a response. Our economy-related topics range from the European crisis to nationalism and resources to the legacy of May 68 for current social movements – to name but a few. And feel free to suggest your own topics of interest! Our aim is to think beyond the division of struggles between those that occur in the ‘privileged’ art world and those that unfold in sites where protest ‘really’ matters.  Bridging this gap together is an act of empowerment against economy’s power over each and everyone of us.