The Irresistible Force: EXHIBITION

AuthorBen Borthwick and Kerryn Greenberg (curators)
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Addressing issues from celebrity culture to migration, the service industry and privatisation, The Irresistible Force explores the seductions and contradictions of systems of exchange. Artists in this exhibition reflect on the realignment of cultural values and traditions by globalisation and market forces.

The Irresistible Force examines how economic forces shape our lives, as cultural values and traditions are realigned by global capitalism. The title of the exhibition is deliberately ambiguous. Is The Irresistible Force an advertising catchphrase for an intoxicating lifestyle choice, or a Marxist slogan proclaiming the inevitable overthrow of capitalism by revolution?

The movement of manufacturing from regulated industries in the West to union-free factories in the developing world is mirrored by the flood of cheap goods back into Western consumer societies. Yet while capital and commodities flow relatively freely across borders, the movement of labour remains strictly controlled. These and other issues relating to the new global economy are explored by international artists Conrad Bakker, Matei Bejenaru, Tim Davis, Claire Fontaine, Mika Rottenberg, Michael Stevenson and Judi Werthein.

Text by Ben Borthwick and Kerryn Greenberg

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